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To break the language barrier and connect to your audience you’ll need to partner with a localization and translation company to empower your path to success.

At e-Arabization, intelligent software and intelligent humans come together to deliver the right words for less. We translate, localize and create quality content that engages your customer online.

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Our Services

We are more than just a translation company; we offer all the necessary language services to help businesses grow, including:

Professional Translation

We are one of the only language service providers in the region with a team of dedicated in-house Arabic translation professionals. We provide on-demand, excellent quality Arabic translation to leading organizations with essential requirements.


We adapt and reword brand messaging to meet the cultural needs of regional or local customers. The Arabic language has upwards of 30 dialects. Trust our linguists to connect to your customers with nuanced content that respects and understands the Arab world.

Machine Translation

Translate volume at speed. Using the latest advances in the industry, we combine machine translation with in-house editing expertise, to provide a custom solution focused on delivering fast, cost-efficient translation for primarily technical and data-driven content.

Subtitling Services

The rise in streaming video services and video marketing has turned audiovisual translation into a vital digital marketing tool for global organizations. Following the subtitling industry-standard; we time code, transcribe and screen video content across any format.


Get your readers to take action! We develop powerful content to promote, persuade, and influence your audience into productively engaging with your brand. The best copywriting is copywriting that turns a potential customer into a paying customer. That’s where we come in.

Content Creation

Content marketing is essential to a successful global business. Developing educational, informative and entertaining content is a strategic investment that guarantees a long-term return. We specialize in the research and creation of SEO-friendly content for the Arab market.

Industry Expertise


Ecommerce website translation is booming and with the demand for online shopping experiences growing year on year, thousands of businesses are going digital. Once you’re selling online, the quickest way to increase your customer share and reach? Localization.

Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality industry demands localized content to communicate with customers from all over the world. Whether you work in travel, accommodation, recreation, tourism or food and beverage, our translators and content creators are experienced and ready to support you.

Media & Entertainment

We live in a world of instant news, media and entertainment, so when your brand needs to communicate important updates, information and marketing content, you need to meet your audience in their language. Are you ready to raise your profile?

Digital Technology

User experience is one of the most important areas of app development, and with almost half the global population using smartphones, it’s your job to make sure your content is ready to serve the technologically-savvy Arabic speaking market.

Business & Finance

Accuracy, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail are essential features of corporate translation. Our specialist translators focus on terminology, tone and format to ensure your business contracts, finance documents and corporate communication are equally represented in English and Arabic.


You can trust our expert legal translators to reproduce sensitive documents in their intended language. We translate your content on a secure platform which ensures confidential content is kept private from the start of the project to the end. Contact us to learn more.

Our Process

With a process-driven, consultative approach to language solutions, our translation and localization company successfully translate, localize and create content in Arabic dialects that represent the GCC and the Levant.

Our custom approach is designed to achieve the best English to Arabic translation for each and every business we support, and that’s why e-Arabization is one of the leading language solution specialists in the region.

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