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What is media and
entertainment translation?

The way that we consume media is changing, and instead of turning on the television, we tune-in on the go. In an incredibly competitive industry, the best way to guarantee your customers will receive your messaging, is to translate it from English into Arabic.

Every month we translate thousands of social media posts for businesses who want to connect with customers on their level, and in their language, and the result is highly-engaged communities of potential customers who want to follow and interact with the brands they love.

Games, Apps and
Crazy Visibility

Every day there’s an average of 592 million app downloads happening all over the world! If you’re not connecting with your customers on their phones and on their devices, then you’re obsolete. We recommend app translation as part of a global content marketing strategy, and we support startups in both the tech and gaming industries as they work towards developing and releasing more engaging content for non-English speaking users.

When your brand needs to communicate important updates, information and marketing content, you need to meet your audience in their language. The question is, are you ready to raise your profile?

Content types we offer

  • Social Media
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Video
  • CD, DVD, mini disc
  • Audio books

Our customers

Operating out of the United Kingdom, the BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster. Providing breaking news and media content for millions of people each day, they needed our expertise to translate blogs, case studies, PPTs and training material for their Arabic-speaking journalists.

A media services provider that needs no introduction, Netflix is the streaming service of choice for over 182 million people worldwide. We’ve worked with Netflix to subtitle hundreds of TV shows, movies and documentaries so that Arabic speaking viewers can comfortably ‘والبرد Netflix’ (and no, we don’t recommend this literal translation).

We translate up to 160,000 subtitles every single month.

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