ChatGPT and Arabic Tokenization

28 March 2023

Learn more about ChatGPT, the challenges Arabic impose on tokenization and how AI and humans can work together. Discover more with e-Arabization.

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Friendship, Fridays, and Fasting: Business Etiquette In The Middle East

07 March 2022

We recently stumbled across a poorly written article that claimed that the Middle East is one of the most challenging places in the world to do business.

And as a multicultural company, operating out of Jordan, (the jewel of the Middle East 😏), we’re here to tell you that this statement simply isn’t true.

"I Started in an Office Above a Shoe Market", an Interview With e-Arabization Founder, Dareen Mukhaimer

28 February 2022

Arabizing your business is the future, and at e-Arabization, our vision is to connect Arabic speaking nations with the rest of the world.

Founded in 2007, e-Arabization is a language solution provider that’s loud and proud about its methods and motivations. A distant cry from traditional translation houses and their shady practices, there’s none of that hush-hush attitude here. No secret network of underpaid translators, no secretly secured wordsmithing, no secrets at all.

We sat down for a chat with our founder and CEO, Dareen Mukhaimer, and she gave us a no holds barred interview about her 6-figure success story.