Arabic AI Systems: Overcoming the Challenges

22 July 2024

AI is projected by most experts to be an important tool in the toolset for Arabic countries seeking to expand their tech economies. But developing AI systems that work well within the Arabic-speaking world’s many dialects is easier said than done.

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Streaming companies battle for Arab-language supremacy

19 July 2024

Netflix has long been considered the king of entertainment streaming — but no one gets to be the king forever. 

Sure enough, that royal status may be in danger in Arabic-speaking countries, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that the streaming giant is likely to lose its crown by 2029.

From Arabic to English: Investing in a Bilingual Workforce for Economic Growth

12 July 2024

There’s been no shortage of news about recent efforts to expand the importance of the Arabic language in international business, culture, scholarship, computer technology, and more.