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What's education

94% of the world's population don't speak English as their first language, because global education is multilingual, and even though English is a world language, it's not always the language of choice for educators and students.

We help educational institutes (childcare, schools, universities, charities) and elearning development resources (online education, elearning platforms) to bring their courses, training and marketing to life in the language it's needed the most.

All education translation must be carefully vetted for accuracy and localized to accommodate the grammatical, numerical and idiomatic (native expressions and turns of phrase) that exist in the target language. We work with specialist translators who understand the nuances of natural language and ensure that children and adult learners alike can confidently relate to and learn from the material we translate.

Content types we offer

  • Course curriculum
  • Lessons
  • Course descriptions
  • Student services
  • Campus information
  • Marketing material

Our customers

Quantic Education is mission-focused to connect learners with affordable online education. Quantic needed vital Arabic localization for grades 7-12 Math, and grades 10-11 Physics curriculums. We localized equations, symbols, terminologies, names and currencies, matching them to the Jordanian curriculum standard.

Blackboard Middle East, a local subsidiary of the American Educational Tech company, Blackboard Learn, needed to connect with their Arabic speaking market. We translated digital collateral, including website content, educational and marketing material, and associated partner content (EesySoft, Mediasite, Symplicity).

Early Learning Centre is an internationally loved one-stop-shop for educational toys. Translating between 50,000 and 200,000 words per month, we bring brands like Play-Doh, LEGO and Disney to life in the Arabic language, with careful revision, content design and quality assurance.

With a well-known campus located in North Staffordshire, Keele University is ranked as one of Times Higher Education’s top universities in the world. We support the education of international students by translating English into Arabic content for the university itself, in addition to its collaborative network, led by MADAR.

We translate up to 15,000 words every single month.

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