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What is ecommerce

The numbers are in and they're mind-blowing. To date, over 1.8 billion people shop online each year, and 50% of those people shop on their phones.

Ecommerce translation is exactly what you need if you're a business that wants to optimize your customer's internet shopping experience, and give your products life in another language. An incredible 72.4% of people would be more likely to buy a product with a description in their own language, and that number's only growing.

We Own The Most Extensive Ecommerce Translation Memory in the Middle East

And that's why we're the language provider of choice for businesses in the MENA region that are developing their online shopping experiences. If you're not already delivering a customized user experience that caters to the communication needs of your customers , then once you're selling online, the quickest way to increase your customer share and reach is language localization.

Content types we provide

  • Product names
  • Product descriptions
  • User reviews
  • Customer support
  • Emails
  • FAQs

Our customers

Each month over 197 million people visit the Amazon website, and they need to make sure they connect with their Arabic speaking customers. Amazon relies on our huge translation memory database to leverage up to 80% of their content.

Operating an impressive 2,300 outlets across 22 countries, The Landmark Group relies on localization for their retail and hospitality portfolio. Committed to serving their customers in their local language, Landmark Group trusted us to translate 3 million words in two months for major brands like Max, Home Centre, Splash, Babyshop, Shoemart and Lifestyle.

French multinational retail corporation, Carrefour, offers an unparalleled choice of more than 100,000 services, products and foods. We support Carrefour’s digital presence in the Middle East by delivering original content creation, English and Arabic copywriting, translation and image editing.

The crowning jewel in Emaar Group’s retail empire, The Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world. We tackled the unique linguistic challenge of their 1,200 strong retail offering by translating The Dubai Mall website, key marketing material and products, connecting global shoppers to a world class retail experience.

We translate up to 4 million products every single month.

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