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Machine Translation

What's Machine Translation?

Trying to translate millions of words on an impossible timeline with a budget that’s quickly threatening to disappear? Then you need machine translation.

Machine translation is a type of automated translation; it involves running your source text through a computer software program to generate an instant translation in your target language.

The advantages of Machine Translation

● Huge volumes of text at speed.

● Thousands of dollars saved on your budget.

● Your words make it to market, faster.

Our Automated Translation Services

Using the latest advances in the industry, we combine in-house pre and post-editing expertise, to provide a custom solution focused on delivering fast, cost-efficient translation for primarily technical and data-driven content.

Depending on the type of content you provide us with, and the difficulty of the subject matter and vocabulary, we’ll either pre-edit your content to unify the tone and messaging to improve the error margin, or post-edit your machine generated content with an expert human touch.

Human or Machine?

Well, sometimes the answer is a little bit of both.
You can count on us to figure out how much of your work can be delegated to the robots, and how much needs to be worked on by our fantastic team of humans. If you’re translating sensitive legal information, we’ll recommend our in-house team, but if you’ve got a one thousand product eCommerce website, then machine translation could be the economical solution you need.

Let’s Help You Make the Right Decision for Your Business

Picking the right service for your content can be challenging, and that’s why the first step for any business we work with is a simple conversation. Stop trying to figure it all out on your own, and let our experts guide and support you towards a successful service match for your business.

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Our CAT Tool Providers

How we machine translate

The made-to-measure process we use to machine translate your content


Understanding you, empowers us to understand your customer.
Book a project consultation with one of our in-house subject matter experts. Working together, we will plan your project from end-to-end.


Professional, consistent machine translation every-single-time. To improve accuracy, output and speed, we pre-edit content for issues like consistency, spelling and formatting.


We understand your business, whatever the medium.
Including the refinement of your machine-translated content with additional services such as a post-edit review; this is highly recommended when automating translation.

Quality Assurance

Customer delight is our goal!
Once your machine translation is complete, our quality assurance team conducts a final review of your machine-translated text. Now it's time to deliver your perfectly machine-translated project!

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