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What is Localization?

While translation involves a literal process of converting one language into another, localization services go one step further, creatively working the intended language so that it speaks to unique, individual audiences across micro-geographies.

From Salam to Maah Salamah, We Care About Your Culture and Language

Our business localization services are meant to adapt and reword brand messaging to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of your regional or local customers. The Arabic language has upwards of 30 dialects, and we know them all. You can trust our linguists to connect to your customers with nuanced content that respects and understands the Arab world, no matter where they read your content.

(And Yes, That Includes Your Website)

Our magical translation technology is compatible with most CMS systems. Localization with us is a plug-and-play situation that couldn’t get any easier. We offer two types of software solutions, meaning we can handle your localized translation; online and offline.

Let's Help You Make the Right Decision for Your Business

Picking the right service for your content can be challenging, and that’s why the first step for any business we work with is a simple conversation. Stop trying to figure it all out on your own, and let our experts guide and support you towards a successful service match for your business.

a consultation

Our Secret Blend of Tools and Expertise

We're only interested in developing partnerships that help us serve you better, and that’s why we work with the leading computer assisted translation (CAT) tool providers (MemoQ, Memsource, and SDL) to develop your translation memory.

In plain English, that's the translating dream machine we use to turn your complex projects into word-perfect content.

Our Localization Services Fit Any Platform and Any Style

As a tech-first language service provider, we’re comfortable with digital, and that means receiving and working with your content on your CMS, and according to your workflow. Connecting your translated content to the website, app or system it needs to speak with is our thing , so tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to get it done.

How we localize

The made-to-measure process we use to localize your content


Understanding you, empowers us to understand your customer.
Book a project consultation with one of our in-house subject matter experts. Working together, we will plan your project from end-to-end.


Professional, consistent localization every-single-time.
According to your project requirements, we will develop a bespoke glossary and/or localization memory.


We understand your business, whatever the medium.
Including the refinement of your localized content, digital or otherwise, with additional services such as vital SEO and ASO.

Quality Assurance

Customer delight is our goal!
Once your localization is complete, our quality assurance team conduct a final review of your localized text. Now it's time to deliver your perfectly localized project!

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