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What's Subtitling?

Subtitling, a type of audiovisual translation, is the process of adding text to match the spoken dialogue in any audio-visual media. In the translation industry, this often involves the additional step of translating the transcribed subtitles into another language and matching them to the timing of dialogue on-screen.

The rise in streaming services and video content marketing has turned audiovisual translation into a vital digital marketing tool for global organisations. Following the subtitling industry-standard; we time code, transcribe and screen video content across any format.

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How our subtitling services work

The made-to-measure process our subtitling services follows:


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Book a project consultation with one of our in-house subject matter experts. Working together, we will plan your project from end-to-end.


Professional, consistent subtitling every-single-time. We work with your software of choice, using tools like PolyScript, EZTitles and Wincaps, to create the best subtitling for you.


We understand your business, whatever the medium.
Including the refinement of your subtitled content with additional services such as multi-format delivery and localization of transcribed audio.

Quality Assurance

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Once your subtitling is complete, our quality assurance team conducts a final review of your media, screening and reviewing in all formats. Now it's time to deliver your perfectly subtitled project!

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