Business and Finance Translation Services

What is business and
finance translation?

Similar to legal translation , translation for the business and finance industry requires subject-matter experts. Banking, investment and international business are highly regulated fields where mistakes cannot happen, and we take pride in our ability to accurately localize content in accordance with compliance regulations and local laws.

Accuracy, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail are essential features of corporate translation. Our specialist translators focus on terminology, tone and format to ensure your business contracts, finance documents and corporate communication are equally represented in English and Arabic.

Content types we offer

  • Reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Financial tables
  • Presentations

Our customers

Sensitive work requires top talent, and we supported World Bank in its mission to provide financing, advice and research to developing nations. Providing Arabic, French and English translation, we co-ordinated a team of senior, specialist finance and banking translators to support the World Bank’s global reach.

As the only oil refinery in Jordan, Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company needs a fast, reliable and secure translation provider. We support JPRF with English and Arabic agreements, official resolutions, ministry letters, banking communication and amendments, and take on up to 160 pages per week.

Arab Bank is one of the largest financial institutes in the Middle East. In the service of timely, confidential and accurate translation, Arab Bank trusts us with their annual financial reports.

The Qatar Financial Centre Authority is a legal and business infrastructure for financial services. With an expert team of experienced legal translators who understand regional laws and terms, we help translate laws, reports and agreements.

We translate up to 22,000 words every single month.

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