Marketing for Eid Al Adha: sensitive social media guidance for responsible brands

18 July 2021

Marketing for Eid Al Adha: sensitive social media guidance for responsible brands 

As the second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam has its fair share of holy holidays. With over 2 billion Muslims worldwide, that’s a lot of people celebrating Eid. 

Before the pandemic, many celebrating Muslims might have held large gatherings at home and in places of worship. But with restrictions still limiting movement and gatherings in many places, we are all looking to online spaces to share religious events like Eid. 

Enter: social media

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, provide the perfect world stage for businesses to access Muslim customers’. And at this point in the year, marketing teams worldwide are sitting in meetings, deciding what to say when Eid Al Adha starts on the evening of 19th July (dependent on crescent moon sighting).

Eid Al Adha is a staple of the yearly content calendar for any business operating out of the MENA region or doing business with primarily Muslim customers. But, for anyone working outside the region, it can be hard to navigate. In this article, we hope to share some helpful content tips for marketers who want to take advantage of this important holiday.

Marketing around Muslim holidays has the obvious benefit of increasing business opportunities - but proceed with caution.

Insensitive advertising tactics can have the opposite effect and will turn off your Muslim customers. We strongly recommend a thoughtful, educated approach to any marketing around religious holidays - i.e. do your research first.

Globalizing your content isn’t limited to translating your content into other languages. Brand globalization also means understanding the things that matter to your global customers and serving them with culturally and religiously appropriate messages and offerings.

If you’re not already addressing notable religious observations and celebrations in your customer emails, social media and newsletters, then bookmark this post. 

We’ve scoured the internet for our favourite examples of Eid marketing to inspire you. 

Let’s talk about animal sacrifice, shall we? 

Whether you’re Muslim and understand the ritual animal sacrifice that occurs during Eid Al Adha, or you’re a newbie to the Islamic scene, it can be pretty tricky explaining this part of the celebration in a thoughtful but sensitive broader context for your business. Animal sacrifice is one of the most essential parts of Eid Al Adha, and Muslims all over the world slaughter farm animals in a ritual called ‘Qurbani’. The meat is then given in charity to friends, family and those most in need of food. 

Dubai Municipality does a great job of marketing the availability of animals for Eid Al Adha with a simple public announcement that explains the services available, with a simple video graphic. 

Islamic Help is a UK based charity that helps Muslims give to charity, especially during occasions like Eid Al Adha, when giving to charity is especially recommended and practiced. 

This tweet respectfully promotes their service and connects Muslims looking for sacrificial services and charity with a one-stop solution. 

A charitable mention 

Petroleum Development Oman, a leading oil & gas company marks Eid Al Adha on their Twitter by taking a corporate social responsibility approach to their marketing. Eid clothing, and buying new clothes are a traditional part of Eid celebrations. Even though their product has nothing to do with Eid Al Adha specifically, their charitable contribution helps them join the Eid conversation in a meaningful way. 

Corporate greetings with a twist 

Sensitivity is important, but funny content done right can draw all the right kind of attention to your brand. Ubrik Media, a B2B digital marketing agency in Dubai make a case for funny greetings with a meme that makes us laugh out loud. There’s more than one way to address Eid in your communication, and this is one of the more original methods! 

Another idea for companies not operating in the MENA region (where Eid marketing is the norm), is to approach Eid with the relatable challenges your Muslim customer base might be facing. This post isn’t created by a company, but it could work fantastically well for a gifting business.

Delicious delights 

Food is a big part of Islamic celebrations, and Eid Al Adha is no different. With lots of time spent eating meals with family, it’s the perfect time for food and beverage businesses to share their offerings. 

Bateel makes luxurious sweet treats out of dates, and they use #EidAlAdha to elevate their content visibility and advertise a themed collection designed specifically for the event. Many global brands like Bateel use religious celebrations to create limited edition products and services. Just like themed red and green gifts we see at Christmas time, these offerings are a great way to respectfully market to a specific customer base and meet their holy holiday needs. 

Is this halal?

Bonus points if you provide halal food and can make this part of your messaging. Especially when marketing to Muslims outside of the MENA region. Halal options are a particularly attractive sell for Muslims living in Europe, the UK and the US, where halal food isn’t as readily available. If you own a restaurant or cafe where you use halal products, market it. Talk about it. Let your customers know. 

When should you start your Eid Al Adha marketing? 

Talking about Eid Al Adha in your content marketing shouldn’t be a last-minute addition to your calendar. You should thoughtfully approach it in advance so you have the time needed to understand your Muslim customers’ unique needs during the festive period. 

If you’re in the travel industry, this could look like offering flight discounts and short staycation packages. If you’re in hospitality, this could look like a themed night or a buffet catering halal foods and cultural dishes from the MENA region and beyond. 

As long as the holiday spirit is respected and maintained, there’s no reason why businesses with an eye on global growth can’t elevate celebrations like Eid Al Adha in their marketing. If you’re operating outside of the MENA region, then it’s excellent for inclusivity. And if your business is in Europe or other Muslim minority countries, then taking the time to include Eid Al Adha in your marketing calendar can be a fantastic way to expand to new audiences and reach new markets. 

If you’re in need of support with your content marketing for Eid Al Adha, drop us a message and let us know. We’d love to help you connect with your Muslim customers’.